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Be Selfish…..Save your marriage….and your sanity!

April 20, 2018


Ok I know that sounds counter intuitive, but bear with me. According to personality trait theory, our personality preferences are fully formed by the age of 18-25. Then, depending on what influences we are exposed to and how open we are to growth; we mature and learn and become better people. When these external influences do not align with our deep rooted personalty preferences, they can negatively affect us. These influences can be unconscious and imperceptible, eventually however, unless addressed they can form a dark cloud over our consciousness as we become aware that somethings not quite right. Worst case scenario is that this can lead to depression. Influences can be our partners, our jobs, friends or even our family. Consider a typical lifecycle; You meet someone - get married - have children - spend years building a life for your family and unfortunately all to often, end up suffering separation and heartache. It doesn’t have to be this way. By checking in regularly with your true self, raising awareness of your own preferences (and those of your partner) you can make decisions and take actions that are congruent with your personality. This results in stronger relationships and a happier life. Simple. Unfortunately not. Most people become so ingrained in their daily routines (our brains are made that way!) that the fact that their lives are not on track, often passes them by, instead coming as a huge painful shock. Learn more about your personalty preferences with


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