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There's no such thing as a seven year itch!

April 17, 2018

People have talked about the 7 year itch for decades. A belief that after approximately 7 years, couples go through a difficult period that can potentially end the relationship. I firmly believe that the ‘7 year itch’ is more a result of growing personal awareness and changing perspectives than some mystical time period when everything changes.

According to Carl Jung’s personalty type theory, most adults go through a stage of maturity in their thirties; this often coincides with the seven years together period for many couples. That period of our lives often comes with a new found wisdom and a gradual realisation that the life we have forged out is not quite what the one we envisaged or indeed want. Our reaction to this consciousness very much depends on how aware we are of our own deep rooted personality preferences. The mid-life crisis is often the reaction of a person lacking in self-awareness realising that their life is very different from the one they want. The more aware of who you are as a person, the more chance you have of making positive realignment in your life. If this period of change is done openly and with your partner it can lead to a deeper bond and foundation for the next stage of your lives together. 

Why not increase your self-awareness today?

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